There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning. óChristopher Morley

Ban Mittal, Ph. D.

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Dear Reader:

I have been a curious observer of the marketing scene for a quarter century. With an MBA and a Ph.D. in Marketing/Psychology, I observe, contemplate, and build connections between the scientific body of knowledge and the practice of creative marketing. Every day.

I love to research, contemplate, write, speak, and teach about consumer happenings and how marketing must create value instead of noise. And I relish giving "First or Second Opinion" on brand and marketing strategies (crafted by brand custodians or by their agencies and consultants).

Lately, and outside of my academic work in marketing, I have been interested in issues of life and happiness. I am having conversations on these topics with many people, friends as well as strangers. I will share some of it on my Website here.

I showcase some of my published work here, for your reading pleasure. But more than that I want to get your feedback on what I am thinking—in my blog and in other posts.

I invite you to connect with me….


Ban Mittal, Ph.D.